Realize: You Are Not as Small as You Think You Are

We are so excited to have our guest blogger DeAnna Murphy – Author of Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living ( visist us on our blog today. She is sharing an excerpt of her next book with us here. Thank you DeAnna!
I have a huge “what-if” for you.  Just imagine that you have say, 2.5 million friends – roughly the population of Chicago – and all of you get together at the same time to play a game of dice – and by the way, you do so with a dice that has a trillion sides.  Seem crazy?  Well, it gets even crazier, given that the outcome of this experience is that each of your 2.5 million friends all roll the dice and come up with the exact same number at the exact same time.  It you concluded that this is highly improbable, you would be quite right. The probability of this happening is greater than the estimated number of total atoms in the entire universe, somewhere around 1078 or in other words, ten-quadrillion-vigintillion!  Assuming, of course, only th…


We are grateful to end our month with our JOYsister Michelle from MommerForever on Instagram.  We are inspired by her art and wisdom.  We hope you will be too, as she shares about the ways she has been renewed. ~JOYsister Christine
I was asked to contribute my thoughts on a word beginning with “re-“ meaning again & again, repeating, or repetition.  The word RENEWAL came to me. 
With Easter being just a day away, I reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ so we could be at-one with Heavenly Father AGAIN someday. RENEWED. 
I’d like to share a journey of mine with you. I used to get so stuck in my junk. Like I just couldn’t do this or that, I wasn’t good enough or perfect enough, worthy enough, and I let that define me for a VERY long time.  A VERY LONG TIME! I was sick because of it, I was paralyzed from progress because of it. 
How did I get out of this state of mind? I started to pray. I started doing something small in the time that I felt change might be too big. I starte…

Resolute: admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering

We decided to post every day in March.  It has been a stretch.  Sometimes guest bloggers that wanted to join us ended up with plates way to full.  Though we know they will be back with us in future months, we had to dig deep to meet our goals.  We are almost there.  As I sat tonight without the original plan, and knowing to meet my goal, I would need to come up with a post... the word RESOLUTE came to my mind.  I looked it up:  admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.  Yes, that is what we strive to be!
I can't possibly start at the beginning because I don't have enough time.  {Date night!}. This JOYsister thing, this brainchild, we don't know where it is going, but it's filled with passion and love, and really it's a God thing.  It has grown with us and on us.  The original JOYsisters... Heather, Renae and Lori were like the three musketeers.  They share an amazing history and friendship.  They named themselves the JOYsisters.  But as Heather and I felt a …


Sometimes we get to step back through the portal of time and relive a moment, experience a place, recall sweet memories.  Last weekend I got together with life long friends.  Friends that began my adulthood with me and have stuck by me ever since.  We have laughed together and cried together.  Experienced sorrow that rocked us to the core, and inexplicable JOY.  We borrowed a church building where our boys could play basketball and sardines and we could sit and visit.  The particular building we gathered in brought back sweet memories of childhood, teen years and my early years as a young adult.  My sister and I used to sit on that very stage and watch our then boyfriends (her's became her husband) play basketball.  That gym stage that we once sat on while we dreamed of all the possibilities tied to youth, on Saturday had a bag of diapers, wipes, bottles, basketballs, and carseats on it.  Life has changed, evolved and progressed.  But just for a moment it was good to sit in the L…

Reconnecting is a choice

I first met my husband when we were seniors in high school.  We didn't go to the same high school, in fact, we grew up almost 45 miles from each other in rural North Dakota. It was a chance meeting in the hallway at a basketball game in Edgeley, ND where we first made a connection. That connection has lasted over 31 years. As our relationship evolved from dating, to engagement, to marriage, to becoming parents. Through all our milestones, we have had to consciously make a decision to reconnect. We have changed so much as individuals in this process, especially considering we started dating as teenagers in high school!

​ We didn't know when we first met how our lives would unfold or what the future held for us. We didn't know the amazing joys and heartbreaking sorrows we would experience together. Yet, we do make the choice to continue to reconnect on a daily basis. As I reflect on how we evolved as a couple over the years, I am struck by the common thread of reconnecting th…

{No} Regrets

We are grateful to have Danelle join us this week for a guest post.   She shares some of her insights on regret. She may only be 19, as she states,  but she is already wise beyond her years. We'd love to hear your thoughts  about regret and how you manage it in life. Comment below.
People often say, “live your life with no regrets”. While a nice concept, I believe the only way you can live your life with no regrets is if you can see into the future. Because few “can” the rest of us have to content ourselves to our lives full of mistakes and regrets. The feeling of regret is learned at a very young age. Toddlers will break a rule, get scolded and break the rule again. When they break it a second time however, they remember the scolding and regret their choice. While toddlers may not see their actions in such clear terms, the older they get the more they understand. I’m only nineteen years old. To most people I’ve barely lived my life, and yet I can’t count all the decisions I’ve ma…