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My name is Christine and you can learn a little more about me and the other JOYsisters by checking out our December posts on Instagram @thejoysisters. 

But today we are talking OLW.  In 2011 I had been hearing about this One little Word trend and for some time some of my sisters and friends were participating. But I didn't know much. I decided to jump in, feet first and pick my own word for 2012. GRATITUDE. And my lofty goal was to write 365 letters Of gratitude. I missed the mark. I only wrote about 150. But as I got to the end of that year, I gave myself GRACE and props!  150 letters of gratitude to loved ones, while homeschooling and raising 5 kids!  That was pretty awesome!  And so I continued to pick O.L.W.s

OLW has become a part of me over the past 6 years.
Having a word to FOCUS on has helped me grow, given me something to work on and brought clarity to my life. I value the connections that happen throughout the year with my word. Both connections with people and with blessings.  My word becomes my friend, accompanies me, lifts me, gives me courage often, and teaches me.  And I feel God finds ways to teach and speak to me through my word. So these days I try to be open to some spiritual nudges when selecting a word. 

Some of my past words besides gratitude have been: freedom, remember, believe, and joy. And this past year my word was REACH. A friend shared that for her joy meant Jesus, Others, Yourself. I learned so much from picking JOY in 2016. So I considered repeating my word. But Reach kept coming clearly to my mind. I resisted. But the thought came "Reach is just like JOY. Reach up to God, reach out to others, reach in and improve". And so I decided to ACCEPT the word, although reluctantly. What I didn't foresee was that "reach" was everywhere, in things I read, listened to, watched. Even with TheJoySisters I/We are reaching out of our comfort zone to reach out to other women, hopefully all over the world. 

My 2018 word doesn't fit like a glove yet, but it came clearly to me and I am learning not to argue. It is BALANCE. I am sure there is much for me to learn this year about balance with 7 children, two of which have beautiful and a little extra special needs. 

My friend A.L. wrote me and asked how I plan to BALANCE life.  And that she always seems to drop something off her plate.  I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM.  This was part of my response to her: 

"I think the Lord is teaching me balance. But I also believe it doesn't look the same to him as it does to us. I think the scales aren't always even and part of balance, I am starting to believe, is moving in the right direction while the scales tip back and forth, things fall off, things are added and learning to trust and DO things his way, even when it doesn't make sense to us. Not exercising when we are sick (or injured). Reading some verses even when we are exhausted. Learning exact obedience in the things we can be perfect in like tithing and daily prayer (for me). And accepting his GRACE when we fall or something slips off the scale. Balancing our spirit, making it one with him and making sure the BEST things (not just the good and better, see a talk by Dallin H. Oaks) are on the scales. 

It's going to be a great adventure this year.  I hope you will join us. Let's DO this!!! XOXOXO

~~Balance in 2018
Love and Light, Christine


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