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Hello! It's Heather here. I'm bringing up the rear with our OLW posts and I am thrilled to share my word with you. First, a little history about me and my One Little Words. 
Some years my One Little Word has come easier than other years. 
My first year participating in OLW was 2008. That year my heart was hurting and I was working on moving through some anger and ugliness. The word FORGIVE pretty much chose me and it served me well that year and in the years since, as I have learned a lot about forgiveness and forgiving......and apologizing. 
Some years, I haven't done much with my word, other years I have created artwork (SHINE), purchased jewelry (BALANCE), and let it guide everyday decisions (DO). 
My past words have been:
2009- PEACE


This year, there are a lot of changes in my home & family. My husband starts a new job this year, my oldest two daughters are attending college many states away and this is our first year of not homeschooling in about a hundred years. As we settle in to our new normal and I get going on this blog and in the JOYsister world with my JOYsisters, I needed a word that would encourage, push, motivate and basically get me out of "survival mode" and 
get me in the frame of mind to be my best self. 
I am still exploring what this word means to me and exactly how I will use it but I always start by looking up the definition:
       *grow or develop well or vigorously.

       *prosper; flourish.

    • synonyms:flourishprosperburgeonbloomblossommushroom, do well, advancesucceed

I also look up General Conference talks, articles, artwork and pretty much anything I can find about my word. I want this word to become a part of who I am. I want it to change me; or rather, my experience with the word to bring about change IN me. One of the things that I am doing to THRIVE is to work on my personal development by getting up every day at 4:45. I am spending the hours between 5 and 7am to read in the scriptures, journal, pray, study, meditate, exercise, read and write. 
I actually got a head start on this and I have a pretty good routine going now. 

I am excited about 2018 and all that it has to offer.....I plan on offering this year my best self. 

If you are here and haven't introduced yourself yet, we'd love to meet you! Leave us a comment here on the blog or on our Instagram page. And be sure to tell us if you have a OLW and how it will guide you this year.   ~hh


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