Forever Family- The Sibling View

I’m the oldest of four kids. 
Our parents were definitely not wealthy. 
My dad was a policeman in our little town for the first few years of my life. Then he took a position as the juvenile probation officer. My mom stayed home with us until my youngest sister was in school. Often times they worked side jobs and were excellent at budgeting to keep us clothed and fed. We didn’t have a lot of fancy toys, but we had each other. We lived in an area outside town with a big pasture behind our house and a huge city park less than a mile up the road. 
Honestly we didn’t know we were poor. I guess we didn’t have anything to compare ourselves to. We were happy. We played outside. We played inside. My parents fostered our imaginations and our independence by giving us chores to do when we complained of boredom. We played together but we fought a lot too. Probably no more than any other family. I was the oldest and until I was about ten was the fastest and strongest. I didn’t get picked on much. Travis is next and as the only boy was always getting into some sort of mischief. His favorite target for contention was usually Michelle. My oldest younger sister, Michelle, had perfected an ear piercing scream as defense against anything she felt was going to end badly for her. Kim is the baby. Honestly I didn’t let anyone pick on her when I was around. I was 7 when she was born and as a natural nurturer I babied her quite a bit. 
We were in a constant ebb and flow of war and peace. But we were also learning how to be better adults. We weren’t super kind to each other all the time but thanks to some patient guidance and quite a lot of yelling our parents molded us into a supportive family unit. The four of us have been through a lot together. We’ve shared loss and learned to lean on each other. When we come together it is familiar and comfortable, the warm hug of family ties that binds through the eternities. I love these people. I’m so proud of the life scars they bear and the victories (and sometimes the failures) they represent. We are stronger together. I can’t imagine my life without them.

JOYsister Lori


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