Laugh Often and LOVE MUCH!

Heidi Swapp reminded me of something last week
when she posted about cuddling her boys and laughing together;
I often forget that the ordinary moments 
are really the most extraordinary for me.

Growing up, for me, laughter embodied love. 
I don’t mean the laughing at someone laughter,
Or even the crazy, wild, and loud laughter.
I mean the JOYful, laugh line causing, happy moments.
I have a particular memory where my little brother, one of my sisters and I
Are laying on the floor tickling my dad...
And laughing.  And laughing.  And laughing!
Somewhere there is a picture of that moment.
But I don't need one, I can see it in my mind.

Some of my happiest times are 
when I find myself laughing with my children.  
This year my sweetheart has gotten up in the morning 
to take our children to early morning scripture study. 
And then I pick them up. 
They always have stories to tell me 
about how crazy their dad was that morning. 
Relaying stories of things he says or does 
but every report is always strung with laughter. 
This morning was no exception,
as my children rushed in at 6:45am 
to tell me all about their crazy dad 
and how very much he respected me 
but that he had no problem imitating the rest of our family. 
After some begging they got him to do 
his standup comedian act for me. 
As he rehearsed his funny replication of them, laughter poured from us all. 
He did an imitation of each child's personality and reactions. 
After some more begging, I got him to imitate me too. 
At first he said he wasn’t stupid and wanted to stay married.
But finally he caved, he was spot on
And I laughed, at myself, at him, at my children…Joyful laughter.
And it was quite funny. 
I've learned in life that we need to be able to laugh at ourselves. 
We need to not take ourselves so seriously.
We need to be able to let go and have fun. 
And just be in the moment. 
I always say that none of us are promised tomorrow. 
All we have is today. 
When you string all those todays together with laughter, 
and patience, and understanding, and love,
the tapestry is beautiful to behold. 
I'm so grateful for laughter. 
For me, laughter will always equal sweet memories of JOY and love.

Love & Light
(And a healthy portion of laughter)


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