"Love is THE Superpower"

My three year old has Down syndrome.  Some will say it is a disability.  I probably falsely believed that too at one point in my life.  Now, I will testify from the highest mountains that it is a super power.  No, even more, a spiritual gift to have come here from God with EXTRA.  She is so extra at times.  Extra emotions, but they come with EXTRA JOY TOO!  When I am hurting, even a little, she is the first to notice.  Superman can see through walls.  My girl can see into my heart.  Almost the instant I am sad, she can be across the room, playing, watching “Dory”, whatever the case may be, and she will come running and tenderly wrap her arms around me, pat my back and LOVE me!  This hasn’t happened once or twice.  It happens on a regular basis with everyone in our family.  She is sensitive, intuitive and watches over us.  In so many ways she is ADVANCED!  This intuneness to be compassionate began at the tender age of about 12-15 months.  And at an evaluation for development early in her young life, we were discussing milestones, she has some delays… physical, speech, but this particular milestone to express affection and empathy was a 3-5 year old milestone and she was far beyond her years.  She has taught us so much.

What would our world be like if we, especially women, who have such innate sensitivity by nature, sought to SEE people.  Worked to develop those tender abilities to notice, REACH and act on sorrows seen.  What if we jumped up at need.  What if, when we ourselves were hurting, the remedy we always sought was to lift another, to reach out of ourselves, to forget hurt and help lift.  I have a friend like this, and her last name actually is LOVE, I have always thought that was so fitting.  She writes the Instagram "SheDrawsNear" and is constantly cultivating the talents that all of us JOYsisters in the world seek to cultivate, talents to lift, love, help, support, sustain.  I am so grateful for her.  She is doing great and brave things and I see her changing lives.  I believe this life would be different, society would be different if we all tried a little harder to just love.  Social media would be different if stones of judgment, envy, hurt and strife stopped being cast.  And instead of giving a stone we gave bread.  The bread of life, the LOVE that passes all understanding.  The charity that Christ and God have taught us is essential to become like our Heavenly Father and his son. One of my favorite verses is 1 John 4:19 (actually the whole chapter is powerful) "We love him because he first loved us!"

Our sweet {New} Social Media friend Rhonna Farrer posted something that touched my heart yesterday on Instagram, such a little thing but it resonated with me.  “Love is THE superpower”.  I often wonder if the “extra”   on the string of DNA, in the 21 Chromosome of the littles that some of us are so blessed to raise, and call our own (but know better because they are really God’s) is all made up of LOVE.  Believing all my life that I am a daughter of God, I don’t think we have to be born with this superpower to cultivate it.  All we have to do is be cognizant and start trying.  Start reaching out to anyone that you see in need and LOVE THEM!  Start NOW, start today.  LOOK.  Open your eyes, find the need, even pray to be led to help someone and GO LIFT ANOTHER.  The miracle is, you too will be filled with that LOVE, it will heal your heart, sometimes slowly, but always.  It will lift your burdens and make them lighter.  It will be a win win. 

Love {so much love} and Light



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