Love Notes from Heaven

When my mom was alive she loved daisies. She had an amazing green thumb and grew huge plantings of Shasta Daisies. She also loved Gerbera Daisies. After she passed away I started finding daisies a lot more regularly. Also she whispered to my sweet JOYsister Renae to buy a Gerbera daisy plant and bring it to me for Mother’s Day. Many times she’s reached out to me through Renae. 
She sent hearts drawn in the mud at a demolition derby at the fair one year. She has sent a heart shaped cloud one particularly hard day. Most recently my sisters and I were celebrating my mom’s life together. We were at an antique store. All my life I have been obsessed with old buttons and this store had SO MANY!! There was a huge glass jar filled with thousands of buttons. Big and little, ratty and pristine, and all old. I didn’t need any more old buttons but I did want to feel them. So I took off the lid and put my hand right in the middle of them all. I pulled one out thinking I’d just put it back but when I saw what it was and I almost laughed. A perfect heart-shaped button. 
On the tenth anniversary of her death she was reminding me to love. Love my family, my siblings, my dad, my friends and especially myself. So as the month of love and self-care wraps up always remember to love. And love yourself enough to recharge your battery so you can share you light with the world. ~JOYsister Lori

{JOYsister Heather here....I love this post and I love how well Lori's and Dina's posts go together...not only did they not coordinate that, these two JOYsisters don't even know each other....YET! I love that REMEMBERING can be a form of self care. Make sure that you are writing down these experiences, memories and stories. Go back and re-read them, listen to music or eat food that will help you recall memories of a loved or a time in your past. As this month winds down, we have one more blog post on Tuesday, but I want to remind you that here at theJOYsisters we are about love, inclusion, lifting each other up and being kind, encouraging and courageous. If you feel like you have something to add or contribute & would like to write here as a guest blogger, or if you have comments (only positive), questions or concerns, you can reach any of us JOYsisters by emailing us at Insert the name of the JOYsister that you are trying to contact in the blank and you should be good to go.}


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