Loving Ourselves, the Reason for #SelfCareSunday

The first great commandment...
Love the Lord thy God
And the second, like unto it
Love thy neighbor as thyself...
But there has to be something in between.  I have thought about this a lot.  Especially as a young mother with children back to back.  Now my oldest is almost off to college and I still have one under ONE! & five others in between.  At some point with them, my spouse, my extended family and friends, I have realized I can't love my neighbors (everyone besides myself) like I love myself, if I don't LOVE MYSELF.

There are a lot of negative messages in the world.  A lot of self deprecating paths a person can take.  But I am learning to embrace me.  My strengths.  Where do I get those strengths from, for me God is my source and Sabbath is the well I refill my spirit from.  When I fill up my soul on Sundays I find the sustenance necessary to carry me through difficult weeks.  I start to see myself as the daughter of God that HE sees me as. I remember who I am.  When I remember who I am, I live better, I DO better.  I am better.  I can serve better, Love Better, REACH Farther.  I can love my neighbor as myself.  It seems so simple. Some days it is hard to do.  But I am doing it, and every day that I get up and say to myself:

I love myself
I am acceptable
I am enough
I am valued
I do enough
I accept my body
God accepts me...

and every day I remind myself of these truths, I am better armed and equipped to reach out and love others.  Just as the second greatest commandment intends for me to.  It is a powerful lesson.  It isn't about being selfish or all about "me".  I do some of the self care things that make me feel pretty and pampered, but I am talking the deeper, and more meaningful nourishment that heals my heart and reminds me whom that heart beats for.  God has given me all.  And He gives good gifts to his children.  When I recognize it, and truly seek to love Him, and myself (HIS daughter) I am filled and ready to give back, give in any direction he aims my path.  It has made me a better woman this past year to learn and implement these things.  How do you use self care to elevate yourself, strengthen your resolve and reach out of yourself to serve your family and others?

Love and Light (for God, Yourself and others),


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