More Books Means More JOY!

I don't have any distinct memories of being read to as a child. I am sure I WAS read to during my childhood, but I sincerely don't have any specific memories. My recollection of reading as a child primarily involves me as the reader. I can't say when I became a proficient reader, yet I know it was in elementary school.  I went to elementary school during the mid 1970's (yup, I am THAT old). Back in my day, the curriculum never involved tracking the number of minutes I read or was read to each day. We got to go to the library once a week and I always checked out as many books as I was allowed. I do remember each of my Elementary teachers reading out loud to our class. One book I recall being read to us by our 4th grade teacher was  "Old Yeller" by Fred Gibson. I remember being riveted by the story of Travis and his best friend, Old Yeller. After it was read to us, we watched a movie. This pattern repeated itself throughout Elementary school.

 I absolutely loved when the scholastic book club order was sent home. 

I would carefully pour over the magazine circling my top choices and then would get approval from my mom for a reasonable amount to actually order. I was very lucky to have a three shelf book case in my room filled with paperback books. At a young age, I was particularly obsessed with books with horses as the main characters.  I know I had every one of Marguerite Henry's books.

I also had the Walter Farley, "Black Stallion" series and of course the amazing classic, "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell. 

For me, reading came easily and was something I was good at.  I was always part of the upper reading levels throughout grade school. By the time I was in 7th grade, I was placed with a speed reading group and we trained how to read fast while keeping comprehension high. As I grew up, my tastes and interests in what I read, broadened.  I especially loved Historical fiction, non fiction dramas, and biographies. Reading allowed me to learn, advance in school, and escape. It also was my main form of entertainment. I was a farm kid and where we lived there were basically 3 prime time TV channels.  I always read on the long one hour bus ride to and from school.  I took books with me when a babysat so I could read once the kids went to bed. I venture to bet, I almost always had a book with me. Reading made me happy and gave me great JOY. It was a very important part of my childhood. As an adult, reading still brings me JOY and I always have a book (or two or three) with me. I still get books from the library, although I have to say I usually check out digital copies from our Viking Library system. I adore the convenience of digital books, yet I still have a lot of hard copy books. I jot down recommendations on great books and add them in my Amazon wish list. I frequently treat myself to a book from my wish list when I reach a goal or milestone. I find earning a book to be VERY motivating. A couple of things which are different with my reading as an adult is now I frequently pass on books after I read them. It brings me JOY to share books!  Plus, I simply don't have the space to keep EVERY book, like I did in my childhood. Another difference as an adult, is I have many different books in-progress at the same time.  I have several on my Kindle app; many currently on my night stand; a book or two in my car... as a kid and even into my early twenties, I NEVER started a new book until my current book was finished.  It was so empowering and freeing to not limit myself.  
More books means more JOY!  


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