Re {joice}

v. re·joicedre·joic·ingre·joic·es
To feel joyful; be delighted: 
1. To feel joyful about (something): 
2. Archaic To fill with joy; gladden.

I was born and raised in Southern California and lived inland for most of my life. We didn't have seasons there. I felt like I was living in a never ending cycle of blah. When we moved our family 1900 miles away to Minnesota 15 years ago it was like my senses were awakened to seasons and I suddenly felt like REjoicing. That first Spring I had hope, hope like I had never had before. After several LONG, cold months of Winter, Spring had finally arrived. I REjoiced at the first bud that pushed it's way up from the dormant ground. Suddenly I had several buds and I remember feeling overJOYed as I REjoiced in this season.

Spring is a time to REjoice! 
Easter is in the Spring and what better way to REjoice than at the resurrection of our Savior! 

This week was the anniversary of a dear friend passing away and we REjoiced as we 
remembered her life and the hope and promise that we will some day be reunited with her again. 

I am thankful for the hope I feel while I REjoice. As we approach Holy Week I hope you also 
feel this JOY and can REjoice as you celebrate the season.

-JOYsister Salena


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