Read Me a Story

My grandmother was one of my most favorite people. In my mind she did everything well. One of the things I remember the most from my childhood is her holding me on her lap to read me a story. She did the voices and everything. I had my favorites for sure and she never seemed to tire of them. Now that I’m the grandma I bought a few of my childhood favorites and a bunch more. I love reading to my grandkids. Mostly we read books about trains. That’s what the boys like right now. But before they had an opinion about it I read them The Spooky Old Tree, Big Bird’s Red Book, The Monster at the End of This Book and The Little Red Caboose (which is still one of Michael’s favorites), because I loved them when I was young. I feel like my sweet grandma taking the time to read to me set me down a path leading to a love of books. I know it made me feel safe and loved and like we’d been on a different adventure with each book. I hope my precious grandchildren will feel loved as they look back on our adventures together.                       JOYsister Lori


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