As women we are givers. Givers of life, of ourselves, our time and talents. I have noticed in myself and those around me, we are not quite so good at receiving and we have to put effort into being receptive to the service and gifts of others talents and time. 
"I'm fine" "We're fine"....."it's ALL fine", seems to be a standard refrain. But. We aren't ALL fine. WE NEED EACH OTHER. 
We need to be able to serve and to receive service. We need to be able to give love and receive it...AND EVEN ASK FOR IT! *gasp* Yep. I said it. Ask for what we need. When we need it. And then allow it to be given. It will likely take some work for some of us to get there, but I think we will all be better off for it. Together we are bringers, sharers and spreaders of JOY!

Yes, this is likely the shortest blog post ever, but it's all I have in me for tonight. 
~JOYsister Heather


  1. ask and allow ... two concepts that i am working at learning!

  2. Yes. I think that these are two concepts that we as women in particular cycle through learning again and again.

  3. I’m learning to be specific in the asking when I pray, too. ❤️

    1. Asking for specific help in my prayers has served me well.


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