Rejuvenate... from my table to my heart

We have had the same table in our kitchen since we married.  My husband was given the table in college.  After 4 moves and 7 children it was looking pretty bad so I gave it a facelift with the help of my dear friend, who walked me through the process over the phone.  Including talking me through the shopping list at Home Depot.  Bless her soul. Jillian, I adore you!

It got me thinking, sometimes we all need a facelift.  Some rejuvenation.  TO feel a little fresher, more lively.  I am not talking about a fancy Newport Beach Surgeon and a scalpel. {Though, no judgement for those who go that direction.}  But for me personally, sometimes I just need some laughing therapy that lifts my spirits.  Or maybe I need my load lightened a little with a good long talk from a family member or my besties.  Sometimes, I need to turn my frown upside down and SMILE.   Or I need to REACH out and SERVE.  I need an attitude adjustment every once in awhile.  Mom used to tell us, "Your attitude determines your altitude."  How true it has proven to be.  In fact almost every piece of advice mom gave has proven to be true.  It turns out she is smarter than I ever gave her credit for.  So is my mom Mills, who gave me a well needed, attitude adjusting, parenting of teens advice talk last week.

As JOYsisters, one of the things we seek to do is Lift, Love, Lighten another's load, Serve, Reach, Share, and Encourage  {and a WHOLE LOT of other yummy, sisterhood, supportive and sustaining words}.  These are things that lift the spirit and the heart.  This year as we reach we will be making JOYbaskets occasionally to give someone a facelift:  The heart warming, smile inducing kind!  This was our first JOYbasket that went to someone we love.  How can you get in on the greatness that is lifting someone else?  I thought you'd never ask... Pick a well deserving friend.  Ask a couple of your mutual friends to help you, each contribute something little she will love and #spreadthejoy.  If you do,  we'd love for you to share how it went.  The nice thing about service is, you will both get a rejuvenating facelift, because you can't help but smile too when you serve a fellow JOYsister.  So start making that list of people who need some extra LOVE and get to it!



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