We are grateful to end our month with our JOYsister Michelle from MommerForever on Instagram.  We are inspired by her art and wisdom.  We hope you will be too, as she shares about the ways she has been renewed. ~JOYsister Christine

I was asked to contribute my thoughts on a word beginning with “re-“ meaning again & again, repeating, or repetition. 
The word RENEWAL came to me. 

With Easter being just a day away, I reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ so we could be at-one with Heavenly Father AGAIN someday. RENEWED. 

I’d like to share a journey of mine with you. I used to get so stuck in my junk. Like I just couldn’t do this or that, I wasn’t good enough or perfect enough, worthy enough, and I let that define me for a VERY long time. 
I was sick because of it, I was paralyzed from progress because of it. 

How did I get out of this state of mind? I started to pray. I started doing something small in the time that I felt change might be too big. I started to hope. I started to believe that who I was, was how I was meant to be. I started to understand I was a child of God and that their was hope in Him. And He created me and my flaws, only he didn’t see them as flaws, He saw them as strengths. He knew that if I prayed to Him, He could make these weaknesses strong. 

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

This changed my life. 
I learned that I didn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. I didn’t have to be like anyone else, or have a journey like anyone else. I just needed Him with me and my family. 

I had been given a new chance to start over, a RENEWAL, every single day, actually every second. If I needed Him, He was just a prayer away.  As soon as I noticed I was weak, or needed to change because I felt it inside me, not because somebody told me or influenced me, but because of the spirit which God put in me to know, I was awakened and strengthened. I could be better, stronger, and more worthy. It was inside of me. I could start over, right then. Renewing with Him. 
And you can too. 
My guilt and the shame began to disappear I knew that His Atoning Sacrifice, the reason for Easter, the resurrection of our Savior was for me and if I didn’t apply this to me, I was denying myself from the greatest blessings ever given from God. 
Start little by little.
Line by line. 
Precept upon precept 
and soon you’ll see a new you. 

I felt I should share this doodle, after I wrote the words above, a doodle created after listening to Carol F. McConkie talk entitled “The Beauty of Holiness” given During the General Women’s session of LDS Conference, March 2017. 

This is when I changed my thinking from it doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful into it doesn't have to be perfect to be HOLY. I’m not striving for perfect. Perfect won’t happen here. I’m striving for Holiness here.

I hope you know that Heavenly Father loves you and He is there for you and in your struggles and strivings, He knows your heart and he knows your glory. Take courage in knowing you are on the right path as you try to do your best, and that your Best is enough and that the Atonement of Jesus Christ fills in the gap. 

Mommer ~ Michelle 


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