Repetition & Learning

I have been studying my scriptures quite a big more in the past few months.  Something I noticed is how often God repeats himself.  I asked why?  I took notes.  I thought about it. The prefix RE means again, or again and again.  Why is repetition important?

For the rest of March we will be visiting many {RE} words.  Stay tuned so you don't miss any! This is going to be a REmarkable (see what I did there) month!  Seriously though, there is much to learn from doing something over and over again.

In high school I loved making chocolate chip cookies (mostly for my crush of the month) and I became so proficient I could repeat the recipe by heart without ever taking out the book.  I have a sister that can grind wheat and make bread from scratch with a recipe that resides in her own mind because she has repeated the process so many times, she owns it.  The act of DOING something over and over and over can make it ours.  This is true of good things and not so good things in our lives.  Routines can be built into our daily life that BUILD us or BREAK US.  I have become more conscious of my own actions lately and am striving to be a BUILDER, of myself and others.  We can't love our neighbor as ourselves if we don't first love ourselves.  Nothing wrong with filling your bucket to make sure you have enough to serve others.

There is a quote I LOVE by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 
"That which we persist in doing becomes easier to DO, not that the nature of the thing has changed, but that our power to do is increased."

What do you want to DO with your life?  Whatever that may be... do it often, do it repeatedly, it will become you.  If you want to be Happy, choose JOY every single day.  Choose JOY, get the idea.  It seems like a simple solution to a myriad of problems.  In reality, it is!  God wants us to be happy.  If we do the little things {not perfectly, not every single day, not always, but our best}, if we keep trying and putting in the time, that, THAT RIGHT THERE, that is what makes greatness.  Small, consistent and repeated efforts!  So I am striving to DO GOOD, and REPEAT!  I hope you will join us JOYsisters in this challenge.  We can all be JOYsisters.  The world needs more encouraging, supportive, loving & empowered women.

Love, Light, Repeat,


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