The past four years of our lives often remind me of a story a friend shared... "Welcome to Holland" {click on the link to read the story by Emily Perl Kingsley.}  My life had a course.  Things were busy, good and beautiful.  Then I got to an airport and it was like there were no flights to my intended destination.  Instead of going where we thought we were going to go, we had to REROUTE.  We had to make new plans, see things with new perspective, trust God and leap.  

I have come to believe, though my details are specific to my family, the truth is rather universal.  We rarely get what we want, or think we want, in just the way we want.  Plans rarely turn out just like we expect them too.  College takes longer.  For some catastrophic illness occurs.  Death. Divorce. Lay offs.  Frankly life happens.  And even the trials aren't all bad.  Unexercised muscles can do little work.  Same with character and the human spirit.  But given the right set of circumstances, a baby eagle learns to soar, and so can we.  

Our youngest two blessings have changed things at our home.  Things don't look like we thought they would, retirement plans have changed.  Life is different than we originally planned for, but OH THE JOY!  The exquisite JOY!  I am grateful for the lessons learned, the blessings given, and the chance to Reroute.  

So if you find yourself on a road you didn't plan, prayerfully take a leap, or prayerfully change directions, or just trust God, I can testify that the reroute can be a far more sensational and extraordinary view than you might ever have imagined.  And the trip you are on, might be even more fabulous than the one you originally planned for.

Love and Light,
Joysister Christine


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