{RE}write-the right way

I once had a counselor tell me that one of the most important reasons for us to keep a journal is for our own recollection of events. She said that it is very common among once happy couples to completely REwrite their history together and distort it according to how they are currently feeling. That is where language like ALWAYS and NEVER come in, as in "he NEVER complements me", or "she ALWAYS nags". 
If we are writing down tender moments, kind feelings, happy memories and recording the good times, instead of our current negative thoughts and circumstances swaying the past, the opposite can actually be true. Isn't that cool? 
We can reread, revisit and actually {RE}WRITE our current script. The one that is happening right here and now. We can write JOY into any circumstance by looking at past happy events and reminding ourselves of previous good and happy times. We can remember what we loved about our spouse, a friend, our home, the scriptures, the church we belong to, etc.... 
I truly love this. 
I try to journal many different ways. I bullet point journal. I write stories and events.  I make lists of various sorts, one of my favorites being gratitude lists. Gratitude lists specifically help me REwrite any negative thoughts and feelings and help me reframe my circumstances in a JOYful way. I am truly thankful that each of us has the power within us to utilize this handy, dandy tool. 
If there is something in your life that you are struggling with, I invite you to either go back and read old journal or blog posts about the person or subject or start a gratitude list regarding the thing in question. If it is a person (like a spouse, child or friend), try a 30 day gratitude list with 5-10 items a day, trying not to repeat items on your list. This has saved my marriage (more than once) and has saved me from myself, probably more times than I can count. 
March is a hard time for me to find JOY. I have to work a little harder this time of year, and remembering this particular tool in my mental health toolbox has saved the day once again. ~JOYsister Heather {hh}

Hey JOYsister readers! Thanks  for being here. We'd love to get to know our fellow JOYsisters....if you have dropped by our blog to read this, please say HI on our Instagram page and introduce yourself. We'd love to connect. Have a GREAT week! REmember to uplift, encourage, support and show kindness to those around you. We can all by JOYsisters. We are all in this together. 


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